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Douglas Linman

Luke RicheyDouglas Linman, PhD., Solar Energy Science Innovator, Founder/Chief Executive, SUNTCO is the pioneer behind the leap in electrochemistry and nano science capturing solar energy in a new way and delivering it as Liquid Power. As its inventor he has become the Father of Solar Liquid Power (SLP).

Imagine being able to coat or spray, onto just about any material, an energy source captured and transformed into electricity from an endless service provider source, the Sun. Also confidently drive electric cars thousands of miles without need to find a charging station, or treating electronics and clothing with an environmentally safe and endless source of power. Doug Linman has been working on it.

He holds a Science Doctorate working in Electrochemistry and Electrical Engineering with years dedicated to energy fringe sciences plus a 40-year background in Defense, Aerospace and Renewable Energy. Linman has long been studying ways, using nanotechnology, to advance the knowledge that the position of a single atom can make all the difference in a nanoparticle, which would precisely permit full control of the properties and the behavior of a designed nanomaterial. His invention and work is called Solar Liquid Power or SLP. He says; "the issue with solar power as currently designed in panels, inks, films and cells is that they remain terribly inefficient and costly and narrowly market focused because of this. Taking a significant leap was not possible 20 years ago, simply because we could not physically see the level of matter needed to be observed, but over these last 10 years that dramatically has changed and here we are now!

His TEDx talk will be on the state of the art in Nano-Science and how this relatively new science of matter will continue to change the way we live, work and play for the next 100 years."