Erin Jones

In this powerful and uplifting talk, Erin Jones gives us tools to heal some of the societal challenges that are at the forefront of our lives. How we can restore hope, on large and small scales, by utilizing gratitude. By acknowledging the tools of healing we already possess, we can better understand the life-long benefits of being courageous and “not playing it safe.” Erin Jones works as an Education and Systems Consultant. When she is not giving TEDx talks, you can find her walking (at least) 15,000 steps a day, sipping on a white chocolate raspberry mocha, fueling with a delicious Indian dish, or taking a rare vacation with her hubby to a warm place where they can enjoy long walks together. While Erin lived in Spokane as the Washington Milken teacher of the year in 2008, she worked for Gonzaga in 2017, she currently serves as a consultant and has various other consulting contracts in Spokane.