Mike Beegle

Filmmaker and citizen journalist Mike Beegle takes us step-by-step through the process of using nothing more complex than a camera and a computer to empower ourselves to do our own journalistic investigations. Starting with a knock on the door in Phoenix, Arizona, Beegle uses existing information on the web to begin connecting the dots between Motel 6 and ICE. Though the investigation is still ongoing, Beegle inspires us to begin our own research using tools accessible to all. Mike Beegle is a filmmaker who enjoys time outdoors climbing, gardening, or enjoying the scenery of wherever life may take him for his next film project. When Mike is not giving a TED Talk, you may find him hovering over his newest painting, learning an exotic recipe in his kitchen, or planning his next adventure. On the food front, he is keen on Sashimi, cucumbers, or tomatoes. Mike favors the Glenn Greenwald TED Talk on “Why Privacy Matters” and looks forward to engaging with the audience of his hometown in Spokane, WA, for his first time giving a TEDx Talk.