Mary Ann Ruddis

There are millions of people newly grieving each year, chances are someone close to you are grieving. This thoughtful talk acknowledges the loss and takes you on a journey of how to cope with the grief and how to continue to live life. What to do with the powerful force of grief? This talk provides experiences of how to help understand that grief is not a permanent and static state, but something that ebbs and flows and lets one grow in the process. Mary Anne is a Spokane native, Executive Director of Elevations a Children’s Therapy Resource Foundation, and a certified grief educator. In her free time, you will find Mary Anne reading in her hammock sipping green tea with mint, and daydreaming about her dream vacation to the Greek Islands. After her talk, “Growing Through Grief,” Mary Anne hopes “listeners will leave empowered to integrate their grief into their lives and also be better equipped to support others who are grieving.”