Amy Cross

How many trips do you make to the grocery store to buy your favorite produce? How much of it goes bad before you eat it? Amy’s talk will share valuable life hacks on how to keep produce fresh longer and save you money while you are at it. As food prices continue to escalate, you cannot afford for your fresh foods to end up in the garbage. These simple and cost effective life hacks will extend the shelf life of your food and allow you to enjoy them on your own time. Bon appétit! You may recognize Amy from her viral videos about food preservation. When asked about the dream outcome of her talk, she said, “My goal is to relieve some of the stress on moms that revolve around the kitchen.” In the past couple of years, Amy has turned her knowledge in the kitchen into a global platform, sharing tips and tricks to prevent food waste. When Amy isn’t educating others, you can find her with her family, exploring new road trips. Traveling to Texas is her dream RV trip!