Patrick Chester

There are an estimated 2+ million people with gambling addictions in the United States. In this hopeful talk, Patrick shares his personal experience of this silent addiction, the impact on others, the consequences, and the steps to recovery. The brain science regarding this addiction is intriguing and highlights the difficulty of recovery. The hope of this powerful talk is to provide assistance to those in need, either suffering from a gambling addiction or loved ones looking to help. Patrick Chester is making his TEDx stage debut with a powerful and personal talk about the silent addiction sweeping the country. You will be on the edge of your seat as Patrick intertwines stories of struggle and success, crushing the stigma surrounding recovery. Currently residing in the Seattle suburbs, Patrick is a landscape architect who spends his free time speaking at treatment centers. When he isn’t sharing stories and supporting others through their recovery, Patrick loves cheering on his sons at their sporting events or trying his luck on the lake fishing the day away.