Allyson Tanzer

This inspiring talk examines the essential needs in life through the lens of an outdoor enthusiast. Taking inventory of what you need to survive on a mountain and reframing it to apply it to life. Life can be difficult going it alone, so why do it. This talk will help identify those items and people in your life to support you on your journey. You will find this upbeat talk provides a perspective that will allow you to prioritize the most essential needs as one navigates the challenges of life. Allyson calls Spokane home but follows where the mountains call her. An accomplished mountaineer, Allyson will connect her love for the sport and outdoors into ten key essentials for everyday life. Through her talk, Allyson hopes the audience will seek meaningful experiences to grow their relationship with the natural world. Like many, one of Allyson’s favorite TED Talks comes from Brené Brown and the power of vulnerability. After a long hike, you can find Allyson relaxing with a long spa day and snacking on a warm chocolate chip cookie.