ADHD Redefined

Brooke Matson is an award-winning writer, a National Board Certified Teacher, and
the founding Executive Director of Spark Central, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that “ignites the
creativity, innovation, and imagination necessary for people to forge the path to their
best future.” Find out more here.

While Brooke was not born in Spokane, she considers it her hometown as she has
made a life here since her college years.

Brooke’s favorite TED talks are by Sir Ken Robinson as she states, “He always nails it
in terms of education policy. His talks are both funny and informative!”

What you can look forward to in Brooke’s talk:

  • Revolutionary creatives had ADHD and likely would not have achieved all that they did without having ADHD…
  • There is nothing disordered about a need to explore and innovate…
  • There are many misconceptions about ADHD…

Brooke hopes you leave the talk with the information that ADHD brains are an asset to society. She hopes to enlighten the misconceptions of ADHD to decrease the shame surrounding youth diagnosed with ADHD to excel and be the world makers they were born to be.

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