Claire StrunkClaire Strunk is an ordained pastor currently working across denominations to empower young adults to make a difference in their neighborhoods. She started a business to help other small business owners and non-profits come to a place of clarity in their finances so they can make sound financial decisions to help their business or organization thrive. She loves to share the connection she sees between intentional money management and self and soul-care.

Claire lives in Spokane, she loves learning and has been a long-time fan of TED talks. Lately, she’s  seen rising concern in those around her about the state of their finances and the state of their inner life (souls). Claire feels that talking about the correlation between giving away some of our money and the positive impact on our financial lives, our inner lives and the world.

What you can look forward to in Claire’s Talk:

Most long for financial security, and we yearn for inner peace and meaning, but we tend to neglect the things that provide that. Giving away some of our money offers security and peace while also positively impacting our community and the world.

-To help individuals develop a plan for the amount of money they will give away and where or how they will give it.

Fun Fact: Claire loves reading, hosting parties, & spending time on the shores of one of the lakes around Spokane.

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