The Transformative Power of Music and its Limitless Potential

Erica UzCa and Jorge Luis Uzcátegui are the Founders and Artistic Directors of Music to Save Humanity, a non-profit organization dedicated to tangibly transform local and global communities through music. You can read more about Erica and Jorge here:

Erica is a violinist from Los Ángeles, California and Jorge is a conductor originally from Caracas, Venezuela, and for the past 6 years, they have served as Associate Concertmaster and Assistant Conductor of the Spokane Symphony. They believe TED is an incredible platform to share positive and transformative ideas with the world and they are very honored to present this year.

Jorge is an avid sports fan with a particular affinity for tennis. He is fascinated by every detail an athlete undertakes in order to hone their craft, and what differentiates the great from the legendary. Erica is passionate about health, nutrition, and fitness, and is always searching for ways to thrive in a way that is holistic, both personally and for our planet.

In their free time, you may find Erica improvising in the kitchen trying to create the next healthiest, most delicious dish, while you would find Jorge writing in his journal, meditating, spending time with his family, or dancing with his cat Víctor.

What you can look forward to in Erica and Jorge’s talk:

  • Music is a powerful and universal tool for transformation
  • It’s potential to positively impact our world is limitless
  • By harnessing that power and integrating it into society, by providing everyone access, music has the power to change the world

Erica and Jorge hope that you leave fueled with passion and get involved in integrating music into our communities so that the world can experience global transformation and unity through music.

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