Geoff McLachlanGeoff comes from a long line of family who have made this region home. His great grandparents moved to the area in 1942. Geoff grew up in Coeur d Alene, ID, where he currently lives with his wife and sons.His immediate family all also live in Spokane.

Geoff started working  in education 20 years ago as a kindergarten teacher. He began his speaking career shortly thereafter, and has worked with almost 2 million people from kindergarteners to CEOs, across the US and Canada. He has seen how the power of play opens people up to new connections and how it can change the environment of a school or a corporation.

When asked about the power of play, Geoff will tell you “play is like a really catchy song. You hear it and start humming along and the next thing you know, a bunch of people are singing along at the top of their lungs!”

When Geoff isn’t speaking you are likely to find him doing almost anything outdoors including cold plunges, traveling with family, reading, and taking on projects that stretch his skills.

What you can look forward to in Geoff’s Talk:

  • Play is THE great connector!
  • Play allows us to laugh, connect and learn about each other in a fun and meaningful way.
  • Play drives connection, better mental fitness and relationships, higher creativity and profits.
  • People are more divided than ever and we need to return to play to change that! Play connects people across cultures, languages, ages, races, political leanings, beliefs, economics, and geography. WE NEED MORE PLAY.

Fun Fact:. Geoff hopes that people will start being so good to each other that he has to find a new career. Hopefully something involving fishing!

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