Robin PickeringRobin Pickering is a Professor of Health Sciences with an interest in supporting positive health behavior change.

She has worked towards that goal as a wellness coach, a personal trainer, a group fitness instructor, and a university professor. Robin received her PhD in Education with an emphasis on Health and Psychology, a Master of Science degree in Physical Education with an emphasis on Exercise Science and Pedagogy, and a bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and Wellness.

She is an published author and podcast host where she deepens the conversation around sexuality and overall health. She serves on various boards that support community health and diversity, equity and inclusion. Robin also works in a consulting capacity with athletic teams and businesses to promote health, improve gender equity and prevent sexual assault and harassment.

What you can look forward to in Robin’s Talk:

  • To highlight the difficulty of changing health behavior and describe how much of health behavior change fails due to lack of evidence-based approaches.
  •  Describe the role of developing self-efficacy as it relates to health behavior change and give practical strategies that people can adopt to increase the likelihood of changing overall health and wellness.
  • To feel empowered and prepared to apply practical strategies to support self-efficacy, and to change their health and overall wellness.

Fun Fact: Robin loves running, walking, yoga, & writing.