Shawn T KingsburyAfter overcoming his own battle with drug and alcohol addiction, Shawn realized that service work, especially when helping others, would help lift him out of the acute addiction to alcohol. Shawn formulated a plan to open a non-profit that would help men and women recover from addiction in his  home-town of Spokane, WA. In 2015 he  launched Pura Vida Recovery, an active sober community. Nine years later, he founded four organizations, drastically changing the landscape of recovery in his home-town.

Currently, Shawn is the CEO of a men’s transformational platform that employs over 40 individuals in recovery, while housing 130 individuals. With a massive need in neighboring cities, Shawn has been asked to spearhead similar projects. Shawn is excited to share his  journey so others can be inspired no matter where they’re at, to help others create organizations to help others.

What you can look forward to in Shawn’s Talk:

  • To inspire people to create more aftercare and post incarceration programs that allow people in adverse situations to recover and thrive.
  • If we spend the time and resources creating unique and practical organizations for people transitioning away from addiction, homelessness and incarceration, we will drastically change the statistics around relapse, overdose and recidivism.
  • Shawn’s own personal story of recovery and helping others.

Fun Fact: Shawn enjoys engaging with his son, being outdoors, good food, travel, and exercise.

Find Shawn on Social Media:

Facebook: Shawn Kingsbury