Terry L. FossumTerry grew up in McAllen, TX, the poorest city in the entire U.S. He came to Fairchild AFB in 1988 and immediately got into the community, becoming the United Way Volunteer of the Year, and other awards as early as 1990. He fell in love with Spokane, started a business so the Air Force couldn’t move him away from his beloved city!

Terry was an Executive Officer for a group of Nuclear B-52 bombers during the Cold War. He is a global adventurer who has done anything from hunting caribou with the Inuits in the Arctic Circle, to swimming with the piranhas in the Amazon Jungle. He has won a primetime Survival Reality Competition on Fox, representing all of Boy Scouts of America. He has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, has won Best Supporting Actor and Fan Favorite at the 2021 Christian Film Festival, and is a #1 Bestselling Author on Wall Street Journal.

Terry is a known keynote speaker and leadership consultant, consider him a organizational change guru. In his free time, he is a completely smitten husband and stepdad to three amazing young men.

What you can look forward to in Terry’s Talk:

  • An application of Nobel Prize winning science simplified to the level of a children’s parable that enables people to reach goals they’ve never been able to reach before.
  • Terry’s personal story from being expected to ‘never grow up to be anything’ to high levels of success in many areas.
  • How to help others overcome their challenges to reach their own goals from business to relationships, to health goals – even overcome addiction!

Fun Fact: Terry enjoys adventures in some of the harshest wilderness in the world, often by himself.

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