Rick Clark

This inspirational talk demonstrates how helping other people can change their lives and yours. A simple gesture (or question, Are you hungry?”) and empathy for those in need, can radically change your personal journey. Rick Clark shares his firsthand experience of overcoming a life full of hardships to becoming a force of good and making a powerful impact in his community. If you are looking for ways to make a difference in your community, this is a must watch! Rick Clark is the Founder and Executive Director of Giving Back Packs, an organization to give back to the community of Spokane and beyond. Rick was born and raised in Spokane and is excited to speak in his hometown at the TEDxSpokane event. One thing you may not know about Rick is that he was a high school dropout for about 28 years. When Rick is not giving TEDx talks, you may find him writing or drinking an iced mocha in his free time. You may even see him at any one of his favorite local Mexican restaurants right here in Spokane, WA!