Kris Kilduff

Food brings us together and this engaging and humorous talk provides resources to become more informed on the culinary delights in the community. Kris gives insight to food in our culture and helps expand your palate through using the various food blogs to get out of your comfort zone. Food bloggers can provide the research and reviews of the eateries in your neighborhood or in a city you are visiting. He also explains the uptick of locally sourced foods and the impact on local economies. Experience the community bonds around food so you can go forth to forge new relationships. Kris is one of Spokane’s original “foodies”. Founder of FoodFinder and, Kris is also a freelance author and entrepreneur. It’s no surprise that in his free time, you can find Kris in a restaurant connecting people through food. When asked about his favorite food, Kris answered, “Onions! I know that’s a weird answer, but they are so versatile and in everything that is delicious.” Through his talk, Kris hopes the audience will seek connection with their food and local restaurants and will find power in those connections.