Sindhu Surapaneni

In this uplifting talk, Sindhu shares how she put ideas into action during the pandemic. The pandemic was a lonely time for many people and especially children accustomed to being in school with friends. Sindhu was able to take her passions in art & crafts and make it available virtually, by tutoring younger students. The impact went beyond teaching art & crafts as you will see. She learned a very important lesson, that age does not limit the ability to making an impact in your community. Serving and helping others can change your life at any age. Sindhu is a strong, driven middle school student from the Spokane area who has a goal to help everyone realize that no matter their age “You Can Do It!” Sindhu has a heart for helping others. In her free time, you will find Sindhu volunteering and raising funds for local non-profit organizations. When asked what her dream outcome of her TED Talk is, Sindhu hopes the audience realizes their potential and finds a love to help others.