Chris RobertsChris was born and raised in Orange County, California,  and now lives in Tacoma. He went from standing in food lines as a kid to feeding over 1,000,000 people today.

Chris was the guy, who in a room full of people, felt like he was the least qualified to add value or the least qualified to contribute. He was a high school dropout watching everyone else doing “what they were supposed to be doing,” while he took odd jobs and fell through the cracks of society. However,  an encounter with an unlikely mentor changed all that. Since then, he’s been trying to lead by example, encouraging those around him to assume the role of ‘unlikely mentor’ in the lives of young professionals, and equally encouraging folks who feel like he did to seek out the help of unlikely mentors.

These days, he’s a full-time entrepreneur, real estate investor and the Founder and CEO of Sterling Rhino Capital. Unlike many entrepreneurs, he doesn’t claim that the road to success was taken alone. It was only made possible by a series of unlikely mentors who helped him discover pieces of himself he never knew existed. He  believes everyone should remain open to the influence of unlikely mentors, and he’s on a mission to empower the next generation of young entrepreneurs and inspire seasoned entrepreneurs to do the same .

What you can look forward to in Chris’s Talk:

  • You must remain open to the influence of unlikely mentors and heroes in order to find a piece of yourself that you never knew existed.
  • When you’re lost, you can find yourself through the eyes of an unlikely mentor.
  • How to find your missing piece(s).
  • To help those struggling to find their path, to switch their mindset from “What can I get” to “What can I give?”
  • To help young people who feel like they’ve been left behind, or are “in the cracks,” to take responsibility for their own path by recognizing how many unlikely mentors are around them every day, if only they’re willing to show up and engage.

Fun Fact: Chris loves Scuba Diving, Mountain Climbing & Jamaican Jerk Chicken!

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